ICSOB 2024

Program overview

Day 1: PhD Retreat

The ICSOB 2024 PhD Retreat is an exciting one-day event that will happen on the Venue. The retreat is designed ob ring together PhD students who work on research related to software-intensive business. Additional details on the conference and our research topics are available on the Call for Submission page. The PhD Retreat provides a friendly and constructive environment for PhD students to present their research proposal as well as intermediate results, and to discuss them with experts and other students in the same field.

Day 2: Keynotes and Parallel Tracks

The opening day of ICSOB 2024 promises an enriching start with a thought-provoking keynote address that sets the tone for the conference’s thematic focus on ethics, equity, and sustainability in the software business. Following the keynote, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in two parallel papr presentation tracks, offering a diverse array of research findings and innovative practices in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Sustainable Development within the software industry. The day concludes with a conference dinner, a perfect setting for networking and celebration, where outstanding contributions to the field will be recognized through the presentation of several prestigious awards, acknowledging the best papers and contributions that have set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in software business research.

Day 3: Parallel Tracks and Thought Provoking Keynotes

The second day of ICSOB 2024 intensifies the intellectual engagement with another set of keynote addresses at the start and end, featuring industry leaders and academic pioneers who will share groundbreaking insights and future visions for the software business sector. Throughout the day, the conference facilitates deeper interaction and collaboration through dedicated breakout rooms, designed to accommodate incidental meetings among experts. These spaces provide a unique opportunity for attendees to convene in smaller, more focused groups, allowing for the exchange of ideas, discussion of collaborative projects, and in-depth exploration of specific topics. This blend of structured keynotes and flexible, interactive sessions ensures a day rich in learning, networking, and innovative discourse, furthering the conference’s commitment to advancing the fields of software business and technology.